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Tom Attends L.A. Movie Premiere of 6 Bullets To Hell

Tom Welling attended the Los Angeles premiere of the upcoming Western movie titled "6 Bullets to Hell" at the Grauman's Chinese Theater on Hollywood Blvd on January 15th.

Special thanks to AlexaKent for sharing this news and thanks to Tricia (Tariel22) for finding these photos! To view the photos and to discuss, join us in our Photos & Images Forum.

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Tom on Set of "The Choice" Movie

Tom Welling is shown with Director Ross Katz on the set of his latest film "The Choice". Tom plays a physician at his father's practice, who is also Gabby Holland's (Teresa Palmer) current boyfriend in the movie. The story takes place in North Carolina.

Thanks so much to AlexaKent and nataliasafran for sharing this photo!

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Tom in a new movie "The Choice"

According to Deadline.com, Tom has joined the movie cast The Choice. Here is a blurb:

"Tom Welling has landed a lead in The Choice, the Ross Katz-directed adaptation of the Nicholas Sparks novel from a script by Bryan Sipe for Lionsgate. Benjamin Walker plays Travis Parker and Teresa Palmer plays Gabby Holland. Neighbors in a small coastal town, they end up pursuing a relationship neither expected. Welling plays a doctor at his father’s practice who is Gabby’s boyfriend. The triangle plays out over the course of a decade in North Carolina."

Thanks to Alexakent and Maddie for sharing this great news. To discuss this news please join us HERE

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Tom Participates in 5th Annual Los Angeles Golf Classic

Tom Welling participated in the 5th Annual Los Angeles Golf Classic held on Monday, June 9th at the Lakeside Golf Club in Burbank, California. The charity tournament is presented by the Screen Actors Guild Foundation (SAG) to benefit its Catastrophic Health Fund and Emergency Assistance programs for SAG-AFTRA performers and their families.

To view some photos from the event, visit our Photos & Images Forum HERE. Special thanks to AlexaKent for this news!

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Tom Welling Unlimited Gallery: Latest Updates!

Our TWU Gallery has many new updates featuring Tom Welling from his recent public appearances to support Draft Day, as well as screen caps from Parkland, images from charity events, photo shoots, article scans, video clips, and a few candid photos.

Examples of these numerous diverse updates include: Parkland screen caps; 117 HQ stills from Smallville’s season finale; Grey Goose Party in Toronto; the BVLGARI event; Los Angeles press conference for Draft Day; The Fan interview, Dallas, TX; Channel 9 Denver interview; Draft Day interviews in Miami, Florida; The Fan interview, Denver, CO; “Crowd Goes Wild” Fox Sports; and the Draft Day Premiere in Los Angeles. In addition, 7 modeling images have been added from the Andrea Marino photo shoot. And, various magazine articles have been added, such as TV Guide Magazine (April 21-May 4th); and Smallville Season 11 comics scans.

Many video and radio interview clips have also been added, including: VOXXI News, Miami, FL; "Titulares y Más" TV show Telemundo, Miami, FL; 9 News Denver, CO; Good Morning Texas clip; Dover’s World radio clip; CJ & Les Show, 102.3 ESPN, Denver, CO; and WUZ 104.5 The Wake Up Zone radio interview. And, some behind-the-scenes photos were shared by Mistaya from the taping of "Crowd Goes Wild" Fox Sports on April 10th in New York.

Thanks so much to Alexakent, Beth, Christine, Erica, Maddie, MariaC, Mistaya, Nadacy (Nadine), Tariel22 (Tricia), and Tyosif for sharing many of these images, etc., with TWU. And, a special thanks to both Erica and Mistaya for their ongoing work in managing and updating our Gallery. There are currently over 9,000 various images and media that feature Tom. To view them visit our TWU Gallery. Many photos have also been shared in our Photos & Images Forum HERE.

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Happy Birthday Tom Welling!

Today, April 26th, is Tom Welling’s 37th birthday. All of us at TWU send our sincere wishes to Tom on his special day.

Tom, we wish you happiness and continued success in your career. We enjoying watching your performances in both "Parkland" and "Draft Day". We look forward to your future projects. Have a very Happy Birthday!

If you would like to post a birthday wish for Tom, join us HERE. Thanks to Erica for the beautiful birthday icon!

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TWU Review of Draft Day Movie

The review for the movie “Draft Day” has now been posted. Here's an excerpt:

"Draft Day is a sports movie that focuses on professional football and the 2014 NFL Draft for the Cleveland Browns...The film takes the audience behind-the-scenes to witness the high stakes deals that can change the lives of hopeful draft candidates. Although the conversations between General Managers (GM) of opposing teams were done in a civil manner, these negotiations were calculated and cutthroat, as each GM strived to obtain players who would benefit their teams.

Tom Welling's primary scene takes place with the GM as his character Brian Drew explains why he should remain the Quarterback for the team. Understandably, Drew is very angry and Tom does a great job of portraying that anger. The emotion is evident in his eyes and in his body language as he explains he has been working hard to recover from a knee injury from last season, and is currently in the best shape of his life. Tom accomplishes two things in this scene: he displays the anger necessary to make the scene work, and he also manages to get the audience on his side. This is important for the rest of the movie, as comparisons are made between Drew and the potential new Quarterback Bo Callahan. It's a reminder that good guys can finish first."

To read the entire Draft Day review, click HERE in our TWU Reviews section. To discuss Draft Day and the review, as well as share your own review, click HERE.

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Tom Joins BVLGARI "Save the Children" Campaign

According to Daily Mail Co. UK, "a slew of Hollywood stars have come together to support a new campaign from Italian fashion house Bvlgari to stem childbirth deaths. On the occasion of their 130th anniversary, the brand have launched a new silver and ceramic pendant with hopes to generate £1 million to save over 50,000 newborn children’s lives via Save The Children." Tom Welling joins other celebrities including Jeremy Renner, Olivia Cooke, Olivia Munn, and Ashley Greene.

To discuss the photo, please click HERE. Special thanks to Alexa and Tariel 22 for the info. For more information about the campaign, click HERE. Picture Credit: BVLGARI

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Draft Day Opens Nationwide

Draft Day officially opened in theaters on Friday, April 11th, and is now playing in U.S. theaters nationwide starting this weekend. Tom Welling portrays veteran Quarterback Brian Drew in the film. The movie is the story about a Cleveland Browns General Manager who attempts to trade up for the first pick in the NFL Draft.

To discuss the movie, join us in our Movies Forum HERE. To view official stills that feature Tom, as well as photos from his promotional appearances, visit our Photos & Images Forum HERE. And, to view promotional trailers and clips for the movie, visit our Video & Audio Clips Forum HERE.

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Tom Appears on Fox Sports "Crowd Goes Wild"

Tom Welling made a brief appearance on the Fox Sports show "Crowd Goes Wild" on April 10th to promote Draft Day. He talked about playing soccer in high school, and his experience in filming the movie. To view a partial clip from that appearance, click HERE.

TWU Exclusive:
To view some of my behind-the-scenes photos from the actual filming of the show, please click HERE.

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For more news, click HERE




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Tom's Current & Recent Projects


Draft Day Movie (April 2014)

Tom portrayed veteran Quarterback Brian Drew, who is in the "crossroads" of his career, in the football movie Draft Day. The movie is the story about a Cleveland Browns General Manager who attempts to trade up for the first pick in the NFL Draft and save football in the city.


Parkland Movie (November 2013)

Tom portrayed U.S. Secret Service Agent Roy Kellerman in the movie Parkland. The movie is focused on the events that occurred on the day that U.S. President John F. Kennedy was assassinated, which was November 22, 1963. Mr. Kellerman was the U.S. Secret Service Agent assigned to protect President Kennedy.


Tom Welling Productions

Tom is an Executive Producer for Tom Welling Productions. The first offering for the company was Hellcats, which aired on the CW Network for the 2010-2011 season. Hopefully, new projects will be announced soon.


Smallville TV Series (2001-2011)

Smallville ended in May 2011, after a successful 10-year run on the CW Network. As the lead actor, Tom portrayed Clark Kent on the show. He was also a Director, and as of season nine, a Co-Executive Producer for the series.  To discuss all Smallville episodes, please join us in our Television Forum.


TWU Reviews

Reviews for Tom's movie and TV performances, including his role as Clark Kent on Smallville, and his guest appearances on Judging Amy, can be found in our TWU Reviews section.  


For an overview of Tom's career thus far, click About Tom.

Gallery Spotlight

Enjoy two photos of Tom from his recent appearances.


Tom Talks Parkland & Draft Day

Parkland: Tom researched his role as Secret Service Agent Roy Kellerman in both Ft. Worth and Dallas before arriving on set. "Kellerman actually served under three other presidents before John F. Kennedy. He was riding in the front seat of the presidential limousine for the first time. It was to have been a big opportunity for him. From my research, it was a very difficult loss professionally and personally. There was a real relationship between the Secret Service Agents and President John F. Kennedy." - Screenslam, September 2013


Draft Day: Tom spoke about the movie's authenticity: "I've had a few people ask me if it was based on a true story because it feels so genuine. Part of that is because we were able to have access to the NFL in a way that no other film has. We didn't have to make up a team name or create new uniforms. We shot at their facilities, and I think that makes the film even better." Tom also talked about the movie's appeal: "I can't think of anyone that I know who's not going to feel fulfilled after watching this movie. It's a solid film. You don't have to like football or know about football to enjoy this film. This film is about heart and it's about character and about trusting your gut." - The Examiner, April 2014

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